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Live! WebCam Tai Chi Chuan Lessons

Now you can study with us regardless of where you live! We now offer person to person live webcam instruction.

With webcam technology, you see and hear us as we teach you... and we can see and hear you, to correct your movements and answer questions live. All you need is an inexpensive WebCam and some free software to begin studying Tai Chi Chuan right in your own home.

Sample WebCam Lesson

Contact us for details.

WebCam Lesson Setup Requirements

To start your webcam lessons you will need to make sure you have the following equipment, setup and programs.

  • Computer - Must be located near to your practice area. Make sure the computer meets the minimum system requirements for the WebCam and WebCam software you purchase.

  • High Speed Internet Connection - Either a Cable or a DSL type internet connection is required.

  • WebCam with a built in Microphone - We recommend the Logitech QuckCam Pro 5000 or similar (around $80). You can also go cheaper, however not too cheap.

  • Download either Skype™ or Windows Live Messenger (WLM) - We prefer you try Skype, but we can also use WLM if you wish. Setup is pretty simple. When you load your webcam install software, there will probably be a utility for downloading either of these somewhere within the webcam application. They are both free programs available through download.

  • Add Skype Contact - In Skype, add Instructor David West as a contact... His Skype name is davidwest316. Then you can try calling him if he is online. You may need to set it up so that your video activates when you call. You can also initiate a chat without video.

    Note: If you decide to go with WLM then David's contact is Only use this email address for connecting video sessions as we don't check that email often.

When you get your computer and webcam set up, give us a call or email to set up a time for debugging the connection and possibly a start your first lesson.

(603) 438-1903
Email: info@yangstyle.comc

Group Classes Located in Downtown Nashua, NH.

Close to these New Hampshire locations: Amherst, Nashua, Merrimack, Hollis, Milford, Mt. Vernon and many more NH towns. Also not far from many Massachusetts towns.



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