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Instructor David WestInstruction
Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu Instructor (Laoshi) David West has been in the martial arts over 20 years. He has taught Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Shaolin Five Animal Kung Fu and Shaolin Kempo Karate (an offshoot of Chinese Kara Ho and American Kempo) in New England for many years.

Laoshi West has trained in Kung-Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, with experts such as Laoshi Ron Mathews, Laoshi Piero Piergentili, Laoshi Joshua Grant & Laoshi Yao Li of the Boston Kung Fu & Tai Chi Institute, Laoshi Michael Coulon of the International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association and Instructor Peter Picone of Yang's Martial Arts Association.

Certificate signed by Master Yang Jun and Sifu Michael Coulon - March 9, 2008 Laoshi West trained in seminars with 6th Generation Yang Family Master, Yang Jun of the International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association, Master John Loupos of Jade Forest Kung Fu-Tai Chi-Internal Arts, Master Wei Lun Huang, Professor Nick Cerio (Kempo), Master Robert Leidke (Aikido) and Superfoot Bill Wallace (Karate).

Laoshi West has also studied Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan form with Laoshi Michael Coulon, under Master Yang Zhen Duo and Master Yang Jun at the International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association in Manchester, NH.

Laoshi West began his formal Shaolin studies with 4th degree black belt instructor Piero Piergentili, in Burlington MA, specializing in Shaolin Kung Fu Animal Forms. Laoshi Piero was a big influence in Laoshi West's continuing study, practice and teaching style of the Shaolin Five Animal Forms.

Laoshi West (center in photo) then studied for many years with one of Piero's instructors, Master Robert Nohelty (left in photo)... achieving two black belt ranks in Shaolin Kempo Karate (Shaolin Chuan Fa... an offshoot of Professor Chow's Chinese Kara Ho and American Kempo). Laoshi West was prepared to test for his third black belt rank in Shaolin Kempo, when circumstances changed the direction of his life and martial arts practice, studies and teaching.

In parallel with, and after his Shaolin Chuan studies, Laoshi West also studied Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and various kung-fu forms with Ron Mathews, Boston Kung Fu and Tai Chi, and others... later beginning studies with the International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association.

Laoshi West attributes much of his current teaching style to Laoshi Ron Mathews. Laoshi Mathews focused heavily on the intricate, internal details of the Tai Chi form movements... making sure that each movement was strong and structurally sound. Laoshi Joshua Grant (of Boston Kung Fu & Tai Chi), Laoshi Michael Coulon and Master Yang Jun (of the International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association) have also been very influential in Laoshi West's teaching methods.

Laoshi West no longer teaches Shaolin Kempo Karate, but has chosen to practice, perfect and teach the more traditional form of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Below are his Black Belt Martial Arts Certifications.

Instructor West's Black Belt Certificates

Available for group classes, private instruction, seminars, clinics, on-location classes and more.

The Lineage of Yang Cheng Fu's - Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Chen Chang Xing (Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan)
Yang Lu Chan (AKA Yang Fu Kui)
         |-------------------------->Wu Yu-Hsiang (1812-1880) --->Wu/Hao Style
         |                                                   |
         |                                                   |
Yang Jian Hou (1839-1917)       Yang Pan Hou (1837-1892) --->Wu Style
         |                                                      |
         |                                                      |
         |                             Yang Shao Hao (1862-1929) --->Yang Small Frame
Yang Cheng Fu
(1883-1936) Large Frame (Yang Cheng Fu's well known students listed below)

-->Yang Zhao Peng
-->Chen Wei Ming
-->Tung Ying Chieh (1890-1964)
-->Li Yaxuan (1894-1976)
-->Zheng Man Qing (1902-1975)
-->Fu Zhongwen (1904-1994)
-->Yang Shou Zhong (Yang Zhen Ming) (1911-1986)
-->Yang Zheng Ji (1921- )
-->Yang Zhen Dou (1926- )
-->Yang Zhen Guo (1928- )

Laoshi West has studied directly with the International Yang Style Association School (founded by Yang Zhen Duo and Yang Jun), as well as a mixed influence through his other instructors and various studies in the styles of Fu Zhongwen, Yang Shou Zhong, Yang Zhao Peng, Tung Ying Chieh, Yang Zheng Ji, and Zheng Man Qing.

Laoshi West is a member of the International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association. Due to his direct study in seminars with Yang Zhen Duo's grandson, Master Yang Jun, and his association's New Hampshire Center, there is a considerable influence from Yang Zhen Duo's form. Laoshi West also uses Yang Cheng Fu's photographs as the final standard for each completed posture.

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Group Classes Located in Downtown Nashua, NH.

Close to these New Hampshire locations: Amherst, Nashua, Merrimack, Hollis, Milford, Mt. Vernon and many more NH towns. Also not far from many Massachusetts towns.


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