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Chinese Gen (Sai) Home Protection Seminar - COMING SOON!

Please contact us if you are interested in attending. We will email or call you when we have more information on the time and place. The seminar will most likely take place in the Greater Nashua/Southern NH area.

Cost: $25.00 per person, plus weapon cost.

Gen/Sai Weapon Chinese Gen (Sai) — The rare Chinese weapon (pronounced Gahn) is similar in shape (although slightly different blade and handle construction) to the well known Okinawan Sai.

Gen (Chinese Sai)Double Gen movements are more circular and based on Chinese style kung-fu movement. Due to the rarity of the weapon itself, it is easier and much cheaper to obtain standard Japanese Sai for the practice of this weapon.

The Gen/Sai is a very practical weapon and can easily be wielded and practiced in the home without space constraints. The Gen is very effective against knives and other sharp weapons.

The seminar will include training in; basic handling, flipping, strikes, blocks, target areas of attack, defending against knives, guns, etc. Many of the techniques you will learn will also apply to using a stick as well, for those times you might not have access to your Gen/Sai weapons.

With all the home invasions in the news, make sure you have a way of protecting your family!

Some Options for Seminar Weapons and Accessories

<----- Also search Amazon for other options and accessories!



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Close to these New Hampshire locations: Amherst, Nashua, Merrimack, Hollis, Milford, Mt. Vernon and many more NH towns. Also not far from many Massachusetts towns.


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